All About Edward Ringwald

You are probably asking yourself this question: Who is this Edward Ringwald?

Well, your answer is right here. In fact, you're looking at it as you read this web page!

Educational Experiences:

High School: Thom Howard Academy, St. Petersburg, Florida. Studied general high school subjects. Graduated with honorable mention in June of 1983.


St. Petersburg Junior College (now St. Petersburg College), St. Petersburg, Florida. Studied office education. Graduated with a certificate in Machine Transcription in May of 1986 and an Associate in Science degree in Word Processing Management (formerly Word/Information Processing) in May of 1987.

Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida. Studied legal assisting. Graduated with an Associate in Science degree in Legal Assisting in December of 1997.

Employment Experiences:

First started out as a student assistant at St. Petersburg Junior College in August of 1986, initially working in the campus library reference department. A few weeks later into the fall 1986 term I was transferred to the Social & Behavioral Science Division office to function as their student assistant in the division director's office. At the beginning of the spring 1987 term I was transferred to the Business Division to function as a student assistant running one of the typing labs; I held that position until my graduation from St. Petersburg Junior College in May of 1987.

Full-time work did not come about until September 1987 (28 September 1987, to be exact) when I was hired by the City of St. Petersburg to function as an Office Systems Assistant (which was Clerk Typist II) in the Engineering & Capital Imprpovements Department (which was just the Engineering Department back then). My first duties was primarily data entry and some routine clerical tasks, working my way to more responsible tasks such as payroll processing and (much later) records management. I held this same title until March of 1997 when an examination of my duties and responsibilities called for my reclassification to Engineering Clerk, of which I am today.

Edward Ringwald's resume

For security reasons, my resume is not available online. A copy of my current resume may be obtained by contacting me via the feedback page.

Edward Ringwald tidbits (aka favorites)

I don't have a whole lot here, but I have a few I would like to share:

Avid polka music listener - however, I don't know much more other than listening to it but there is a site on the Internet dedicated to polka music, click here to learn more. There used to be a polka program from 2 to 4 PM Sundays on WMNF 88.5; however, the polka program - known as the Polka Party Express - was cancelled and the last show was on 20 March 2011.

Favorite Motion Picture: Little Man Tate (1991)

Favorite Motion Picture Actress: Jodie Foster

Favorite TV Show: ER

Favorite TV Actress: Laura Innes (Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER)