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First of all, this is not considered a "blog" as the new phenomenon recently going around on the Internet. But I take that back: I now have a blog - The Edward Ringwald Blog, which you can jump directly to there simply by moving your trusty mouse onto this link! While we are on this page I have provided a listing of web topics, suitable for your leisure reading by you, the web site visitor! In fact, some topics on the Edward Ringwald Blog are so popular that these topics are well deserving of a topics page right here at!

Please check this page frequently and often for new and/or updated content! From time to time I may have an entry on The Edward Ringwald Blog which may reference a topic found here. All newer content is listed at the top.

Inundated by junk mail? Great tips on how to reduce junk mail are here!

Concerned aboout your medical privacy when you receive a biometric screening? You might want to read this before you submit yourself!

Calorie counts in restaurants: Our American National Government in the nanny business and promoting eating disorders!

Concerned about your privacy as far as retail returns are concerned? Read this before you approach the Customer Service desk!

Before you send that letter or package via the United States Postal Service, read this first!

Worried about losing your loved one to guardianship in Florida? Read this first!

Is the news media scaring you about the housing crisis? Come on over here!

Is your bank treating you like a second class citizen? Be sure to read my companion topic on the credit union alternative!

Dropping out of high school? Before you do, read this topic!

Learn the Pinellas County Four-Step when you go to the polls!

Going to get or renew your Florida Driver's License? Read this first!

Florida's draconian trespassing laws - a must read for every Floridian and everyone else!

Let's bring a meaningful education back to Florida's public schools: Dump the FCAT!

Are you a MySpace user? You need to read this! Very Important!

New Florida resident? You need to read this! Very Important!

In a quest to cancel your AOL membership? Read this!

Related: The nightmare of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and overseas call centers!

A discussion about Copyright and registration of the Copyright of and - a highly recommended read for everyone!

Buying on eBay but don't intend on paying? Read this about the importance of your bid on eBay!

Got children in a Florida public school? Your children's summer vacations are getting shorter! A must read for students, parents and concerned citizens! Can be read together with my new topic on dumping the Florida FCAT Test as shown above!