Edward Ringwald's roadtrips

All the places that Edward Ringwald has been!

Road trips have been the mainstay here at EdwardRingwald.com since the trip to Ft. Lauderdale over Labor Day weekend in 2000, which was the first roadtrip just after EdwardRingwald.com went online at its new web hosting home.

I have featured various roadtrips to many places, both within Florida and across the good old USA.  During the past few years that EdwardRingwald.com has been online I have featured numerous roadtrips to Ft. Lauderdale and Valdosta and some little places in between in previous years, not to mention the trip to Los Angeles over the Labor Day weekend in 2003.

Of course my limited web server space and bandwidth I can't share all of the roadtrips I have taken but I can showcase a few that I have taken recently!  Feel free to click on a link below to be taken to that roadtrip:

Los Angeles revisited:  Labor Day 2007

Roadtrips previously featured on EdwardRingwald.com

These roadtrips are not online due to limited server space - we just don't have room for all!

Memorial Day Weekend 2005 trip to Naples

4th of July 2005 trip to Ft. Lauderdale

Christmas 2005 trip to Valdosta

January 2006 circus trip to Orlando

Labor Day 2005 and 2006 trips to Baltimore/Washington

Of course I got more roadtrips planned in the future, so keep watching this page frequently and often!