Use of images from the Websites of the Edward Ringwald Websites Network is prohibited!

I don't like to say this but it has been brought to my attention by way of the site server logs that a MySpace user used an image of the old Sunshine Skyway Bridge from my website without my permission.

I would like to remind those of you that maintain a presence on the popular social networking website MySpace that the use of any image from and/or on your MySpace page is prohibited.  This includes not only copying the image but also hotlinking the image as a background image.  All images are watermarked with a copyright notice to deter unauthorized use.  You may use an image from my websites provided it is for your personal use and not for commercial use and MySpace is considered commercial use.

The prohibition also applies to any other social media such as Facebook.

Anyone found using an image from my websites for use on MySpace will be reported to MySpace which may include removal of the image at the discretion of MySpace.  Although I am not a member of MySpace, I will cooperate with MySpace (or any other social media website) in regard to copyright infringement.

Moreover, MySpace users are reminded that the images on the websites of the Edward Ringwald Websites Network are copyrighted and that unauthorized use constitutes copyright infringement.  There are civil as well as criminal penalties for copyright infringement.

MySpace users are also encouraged to read my web topic related to copyright, of which you can access by clicking on this link.

Please, enjoy viewing my websites but please be respectful of my intellectual property rights.  After all, I did not put up these pictures on my websites for commercial use including use on MySpace.  Thanks!